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The Napa Valley Fencing Academy serves students throughout the Napa Valley. We currently offer classes in Angwin, St. Helena, Browns Valley, and Napa.  Our goal is to introduce students of all ages to the joys of fencing.  We offer a well-rounded approach to fencing that includes developing fencing techniques, footwork, directing, and good sportsmanship.  The NVFA motto is "Effort is the Best Talent!"  Students of all levels, who train hard, will enjoy the best results

Happy New Year!
It's a new year, but only the m iddle of the fencing season and there is a lot going on at the Club!  We are thrilled to have a  new permanent location at Los Flores (check out the gear storage)!  Summer Nationals are coming to CA in July 2015.  We would love to qualify as many of our students as we can for this event.  We will definitely be taking a group to check it out - qualified or not.  It is an amazing experience! See you at the club!

Say Hello to our coaches!

Coach Albert Milani started fencing in the 1970's at Club Scherma in Torino Italy.  He inherited his love of fencing from his father who was the sabre national military champion in Italy in the 1930's.  Coach Albert returned to the sport more recently and has been fencing and coaching at NVFA since last year.  Students will know Coach Albert from our Wednesday and Alta Heights classes, as well as Saturday Club Hours.  This season he will also be coaching at J-Team.

Albert is a retired mathematics professor from University of Wisconsin.  He and his wife, Claudia, currently divide their time between San Francisco and Napa. 

We are thrilled to have a coach with Albert's level of experience and expertise.  He is a professional member of the US Fencing Association.  Albert says, "those who can't do, teach."  We think he does very well :).

Coach Miles Robinson has over eight years of fencing experience and is a professional member of the US Fencing Association.  Miles began fencing in high school and soon joined the Whitney Young Fencing Team and began to fence competitively.  He fenced at the USFA Illinois Division Championships in foil.  He also has over fifteen years of martial arts training in Shorin-Ryu Karate and Shaolin Kung Fu.  Miles brings elements of martial arts training to his coaching of European fencing.  While the majority of Mile's experience has been in foil, sabre is his true passion. 

Miles has been coaching with NVFA since the spring at our PUC fencing class.  This year he will  again be coaching at PUC along with our classes in St. Helena, Calistoga, Howell Mountain School, and some of our Napa classes as well.  We are thrilled to have a sabre coach for all of our sabre fencers!

Miles was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and he has lived there for most of his life.  He currently resides in Angwin where he is a student at Pacific Union College.


Head Coach Jana Wick has over fourteen years of fencing experience.  She has fenced competitively on a national level in foil (divisions I and II) and epee (division II).  Jana has trained in the United States as well as in France and Italy.  Over the past ten years, she has instructed students of all ages in Marin, Santa Rosa, Petaluma, and the Napa Valley.  Jana has been privileged to train extensively with fencing Maestros and former Olympians.  She is also a professional member of the USA Fencing Association.
Jana has lived in the Napa Valley all of her life and currently resides in the Angwin area with her husband and
six-year-old son.

Coach At Large - Kai is currently attending UC Santa Cruz but will be visiting form time to time.

Coach Kai Morgan has over eight years of fencing experience and has been coaching for the past five years.  Many of you will know Kai from our summer Fencing Programs and Camps.  Kai has fenced competitively in foil and epee and trained in all three fencing weapons.  He is a professional member of the USA Fencing Association.  When Kai is not fencing or teaching, he enjoys historical fencing on the weekends.  


Coach Brian Murray has over ten years of fencing experience.  He has fenced competitively in epee and now also fences foil.  He is a rated fencer and a professional member of the USA Fencing Association.  Brian currently teaches at our Browns Valley Class and our Yountville Advanced Class.  He lives in Napa with his wife and two sons.  We are thrilled to have an epee coach added to the NVFA Team!


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