Napa Valley Fencing Academy - Effort is the Best Talent!

The Napa Valley Fencing Academy serves students throughout the Napa area. Our goal is to introduce students of all ages to the joys of fencing.  We offer a well-rounded approach to fencing that includes conditioning, developing fencing techniques, and good sportsmanship.  The NVFA motto is "Effort is the Best Talent!"  Students of all levels, who train hard, will enjoy the best results.

We develop student leadership skills through our Junior Coach and mentoring programs.  Our fencers learn to work as part of a group and to solve problems together.

The competitive aspects of fencing provide an opportunity for students to handle the stress of competition, manage feelings, and learn from past mistakes and turn them into future successes.

Letter from Coach Jana
We are about to begin a new fencing season for 2017-2018.  The coaches are finalizing details on some exciting new programs for the coming year including;

1. Club Orders - opportunity to order student gear through the club.
2. Bay Cup - Coaches will meet quarterly to select tournaments for students to attend.
3. Renegade Patch - We are reactivating our Renegade patch program started by Coach Miles.  *See coach for details.
4. Club Events - this will include our quarterly Geek Nights, Crush Tournaments, visits to other clubs, and Friday Night Fight Nights.
*Dates and details to follow.

Just a reminder that Club hours will be moving from 11 - 2 pm to 9 am - 12 pm starting August 2017.  Also, all new and returning students must renew their USA Fencing Memberships by 8/1/2017.

Thank you to all of our fencers and families for their support of NVFA and the sport of fencing.

Look forward to seeing you all at the club!


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